Spirit surrounds us.  Its elements – Earth, Water, Fire and Air – work together in harmony.  As these elements combine and affect each pot individually, no two are alike.

This same spirit is present in the pottery of primitive times and cultures.  These pots exude a life, an energy, which carries through to today and influences my work.  The simple forms and surfaces of primitive pottery, with their subtle variations and depth of color and texture, are organic and inviting. This is particularly true of West African pottery where primitive cultures continue to exist today – where spirit is inherent in the ritual vessels used in daily life.

The natural, organic surfaces of my pottery are achieved by firing in a wood, salt or electric kiln.  Using different clays and firing methods allows the elements of spirit to work freely within the atmosphere of the kiln.  It is in these kilns, with their variable environments, where spirit moves openly and expresses itself on the surfaces of each piece.  

The use of texture is an important part in my work. The subtle surfaces of my pottery share the varied surface qualities found in the pottery of Mali and Niger in West Africa and the Jōmon pottery of ancient Japan. Imprinting or carving textures onto my pots allows each to remain connected the pottery and traditions of these cultures.

Permitting Earth, Water, Fire and Air to interact with my work enables the essence of spirit to merge with and be experienced in the pots themselves.  It is my desire for this to be your experience as well.

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